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Fragrance review: Guerlain Mahora is olfactory sunshine

Mahora perfume by GuerlainOne of the final fragrances created by master perfumer Jean Paul Guerlain before retiring as head perfumer of the house that bares his name, Mahora is a rich and compelling floral oriental for women that is both tropical and warm.

Named after a far-flung French territory in the azure blue of the Indian Ocean, Mahora is a luscious and exotic perfume brimming with heady, sun-kissed florals such as ylang ylang, frangipani, jasmine and tuberose. It captivates from the opening spritz with its equatorial warmth and olfactory sunshine.

Orange and almond blossoms add to the tropical character of this scent, and grassy vetiver and fragrant sandalwood hint at the closeness of the Comoro Islands.

There is a delicious "coconut" quality beneath the opulent florals that evoke images of turquoise blue waters lapping against white sandy shores. Finally, a familiar lip-smacking vanilla base suggests something typically Guerlain in style.

Mahora will appeal to those vacationers wishing to wear something that will have them blend in harmoniously with their surroundings, or to those who simply dream of far-flung landscapes surrounded in cerulean blue.

This eau de parfum has impressive sillage, and will definitely conjure the feeling of solar warmth on the faraway isles.

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