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Fragrance review: Cacharel for Men well-balanced and understated

Cacharel for Men cologneAn exceptional yet often-overlooked gem, Cacharel Pour L'Homme is one of the "keepers" from the 1980s. While scents from that decade are often described as loud and excessive - Cacharel Pour L'Homme is a remarkably well-balanced, understated men's fragrance.

The opening is very opulent and shimmers with zestful citrus played off against soft lavender. A slightly peppery carnation facet, along with geranium, lend an appealing dustiness to the heart of this eau de toilette.

Nutmeg is also a prominent accord, although one might say that the sum of all these individual notes sometimes suggests the presence of clove alongside the nutmeg. Whatever the case, there is a warm and comforting spiciness here that many will find totally addictive. The base is a sublime blend of woods where notes of fragrant cedar and vetiver prevail.

This is a fragrance that deserves attention, and there is something distinctly cozy and familiar about it. Though worn relatively close to the skin, Cacharel Pour L'Homme has remarkable staying power and an overall quality that draws others to you, to indulge their senses.

This scent can be worn day or night and at any time of year. It comes alive in both warm and cool weather, where different nuances shift to the fore. Glorious.

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