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Fragrance review: Bvlgari Man is crisp and contemporary

Bvlgari Man cologneIn late 2010, Italian jewel merchant Bvlgari bounced back with its first male fragrance offering since the marine-inspired triumph Aqva; this time with a scent that epitomizes innate charisma and masculinity -- Bvlgari Man. Bvlgari Man is perhaps the jewel in the crown of Bvlgari's men's fragrance portfolio, one that embraces a contemporary spirit, but still communicates a refined and relaxed sensuality.

This fragrance opens with shimmering bergamot, violet leaf and lotus flower … a sympathetic blend with light, watery nuances. It then transitions to a heart of earthy vetiver, fragrant sandalwood and precious woods; a marriage of accords that is somehow grounding and familiar.

Despite the woody nuances, Bvlgari Man maintains a certain transparency - it feels ageless like a freshly laundered, crisp white shirt. The base is comprised of resinous benzoin, white honey, amber and musk whose qualities allow the men's fragrance to sit on the skin with remarkable persistence.

This eau de toilette will entice a self-assured individual; one who is level-headed and confident. Bvlgari Man is the embodiment of purity and sincerity, presented in a weighty glass flacon that will command your attention. It is fresh and clean, but in a profound, contemporary way.

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