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Fragrance Review: Dirty English by Juicy Couture

Dirty English by Juicy CoutureGot wood? Juicy Couture's Dirty English is an aromatic woody masculine scent with muscle.

He's no shrinking violet … Dirty English (as the name might suggest) is a strapping eau de toilette that embodies the Herculean scent of a lumberjack -- one part perspiration and two parts brawn!

Fortunately though, this designer masculine fragrance is a delight to wear; it combines leather, spices and woods to create a complex aromatic blend that is staunchly for men.

Dirty English has a shimmering citrus opening of mandarin and bergamot, but it doesn't take long before its piquant heart of cardamom and caraway lend their prickling, spicy warmth to the mix.

A dry cedar/sandalwood/agarwood/vetiver base furnishes the scent with some seriously good wood … the sensation much like kicking through mounds of freshly-whittled wood chips at an industrial saw mill. There is a resinous cypress note here that also impresses.

A black animalic leathery accord sweeps over an amber musk foundation and adds a raunchy, smoky vibe that grows on the air around you.

Wearers of Gucci Pour Homme should crawl hand-over-fist through the trenches to secure a bottle of this one. Dirty English is comparable to this great Gucci classic, but also possesses a bold, commanding character that will take no prisoners!

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