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Fashioned on one of Van Cleef & Arpels' exquisite men's 'constellation' watches, the beautiful flacon that holds Midnight In Paris is a true object of desire! A weighty balloon of coloured glass in dusky, twilight hues, holds an enchanting starscape and a fetching fragrance to boot!

The appropriately named "Midnight In Paris" is the newest masculine scent from this time-honoured jewellery house that has been in the biz for over 100 years. The bottle and the juice inside possesses all the poetry of a starry night as witnessed from the quintessential city of romance.
Amber and bitter leather dominate in this creation, which deserves its place in the wardrobe of every man who possesses a sense of charm and passion.
Boasting some of perfumery's most iconic ingredients, Midnight in Paris has a striking amber / leather aspect - one that is ever-present, and brings with it feelings of comfort and familiarity. There is a slightly effervescent quality to the opening which reminds one of a night sky prickled with light. An opulent vein of lily-of-the-valley whispers from the heart of the composition… and a slightly creamy tonka bean facet gives the scent an intrinsic, lip-smacking appeal. A rising swell of incense emerges in its development, and works incredibly well with the sharp leathery aspects.
Just one application of Midnight in Paris, and you're good to go. It will captivate, charm and fascinate, drawing those around you in for a closer sniff.

Midnight in Paris is the ideal fragrance for romantic nights with your loved one.


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