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Fragrance Review: ROBERT PIGUET - BANDIT

Well, she's not called BANDIT for nothing! This World War II creation by the fashion house of Piguet is internationally revered for her unrelenting sass and feistiness... an outlandish floral/leather time-bomb that is still detonating hearts today! 

Bandit is every bit as relevant now, as she was back in the 40's. A whip-cracking chypre, she commands the respect and attention of all those who cross her path. Out of the bottle, she dazzles and narcotizes with a rush of heady white blooms (gardenia, tuberose, muguet and jasmin) which act as a rich floral smoke-screen over a dense, leathery, animalic heart. Civet, musks, and resins furnish this scent with a wanton, promiscuous sense of carnality.

A bitter, leathery / mossy base grows and grows, pushing their way through the rousing florals with unabating determination. Bandit is not the least bit tender… she is a force majeur… she will steal your heart and probably lift your pocketbook too!

Bold and confident women will rock Bandit, whilst those with any doubts will be worn by her. She makes no apologies.

A few squirts of this infamously daring elixir, and you will be transformed. Don't say we haven't warned you!

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