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Fragrance Review: PENHALIGON'S - LP No. 9

Distinctly British in style, Penhaligon's LP No. 9 is every bit the love potion it's title might suggest it to be. It has a romantic, slightly vintage "London-at-the-turn-of-the-last-century" feel. 
Shimmering citrus top notes veil deep, rich, spicy heart and base accords... zesty bergamot, lemon and mandarin merge with a humming blend of rosemary, black pepper, warm cinnamon and smokey amber - the total sum of which tends to prickle at the back of your nose. The opening sensation is rather like inhaling the aroma of scotch and dry ginger ale. But with time, one can detect the delicate blend of warm clove, mint-like geranium, dry vetiver and fragrant sandalwood. This is a scent to be cherished as something timeless, sophisticated and elegant. 
One cant help but feel transported back to Victorian England when wearing this masculine treasure... dressed in top hat and tails, stepping out of coal-black carriages with white gloves and silver-tipped ebony canes; Love Potion No:9 hanging in the air overhead like a shiny black raven. 
LP No.9 has considerable projection and lasting power. This debonair and dignified eau de toilette can be worn anytime, but would perhaps best be appreciated at the office, or worn to exciting 'black tie' events.


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