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Pablo Picasso is a name permanently etched into twentieth-century art history. As a Spaniard, the bull and bullfighting made an early appearance in his paintings, and, in the 1930's, Picasso's works chiefly featured Le Minotaure - a half man half bull figure appended from Greek mythology.

Some 60 years later, his youngest daughter Paloma Picasso - a notable fashion and jewelry designer; reprised the "Minotaure" theme with her 1992 launch of a masculine scent that bares the same name. 

To me, Minotaure is the embodiment of the Mediterranean, in an unrestrained, virile manner. Its tangy blood-orange citrus head is swiftly underlined by radiant geranium and then warmed by smoldering sandalwood and spices. But at the heart of this beast is a very rich leather that can't be beaten. Raw, brawny and sexy, it has the provocative smell of a napped leather motorcycle jacket that has been warmed by a man's body. It's heart beats over honey-like amber and soft musks. 

This fragrance epitomizes the feeling of a warm southern European night.

A modern work of art, and indeed one that perhaps would have made her father proud.

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