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Find the Perfect Perfume & Cologne Scents for You

Try, But Don't Buy ...immediately.  We get it, you try it and you love it, but rid that temptation to buy and hold off.  Why? Sample, sample, sample and figure out what you really like. Admit it, how many perfumes do you have that you just won't or don't wear anymore?! Exactly!! Draws full! That's why it's best to try it, but don't buy it...right away.  Plus, it does take a few hours for the true scent to work with your body. 

Ask A Friend....what they think.  Getting a second opinion can help you break it off or help you make a decision to buy it! Get your friends or a family member to smell the scent on you for that second opinion.  

Shop Online...why pay full price when you can pay a fraction of the retail cost? Seriously, we have gotten some great buys and bargains for the same scents for way less. Plus, the convenience of shopping from home, well nothing beats it! 

What is your perfect perfume or cologne scent for you?  

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