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Essence Enters Fragrance Industry

With Essence marking it's 10th anniversary, they have proudly and excitingly announced they will be entering the fragrance market! Starting this month, Essence will launch six eaux de toilette for girls and young women, with a slogan, "Choose your mood -- It's just one spray away!". 

Scents include: Like a Walk in the Summer Rain, Like a Trip to New York, Like a Day in a Candy Shop, Like a First Day in Spring, Like a New Love and Like a Girls’ Night Out.  These scents were created by 5 perfumers from Robertet and the packaging of the bottles was designed by German based company, Sulzbach. 

“We did a lot of work to create unique Essence fragrances, as we do not want to smell like another brand or perfume. Our perfumers worked exclusively on the briefings we gave them — inspiration was our special concept, mood pictures and the target group itself — no other fragrances. Same for the design of bottle, cap and folding boxes: we have built our own molds for the flacons and caps to differ from the other fragrance brands in the market,” explains Christina Oster-Daum, co-founder and chief executive officer of Cosnova.

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