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Perhaps best known for their smash masculine scent "Cool Water", released in 1988, I can clearly remember a time when almost *every* young man was wearing Davidoff's bracing aquatic fragrance, dispensed from a rectangular flacon of sapphire blue! However, the iconic Swiss tobacconists launched another much-loved and oft-overlooked classic the very same year; "Zino".


Zino is devoutly masculine, but represents a clever marriage of floral, oriental and woody facets. It opens with bergamot, sage and aromatic lavender, over a heart of geranium, muguet, rose and jasmine. One might expect such an explosion of florals to take Zino into feminine territory, but it is deeply anchored with an earthy, woody base of cedar, rosewood, sandalwood vanilla and patchouli. Lovers of other striking masculine classics like Chanel's Antaeus will find Zino somewhat comparable.



In an age of fresh, fruity, sporty scents for men, it is always nice to occasionally turn to the robust creations of yesteryear. Zino is a gem.

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