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Get moving! Fall is the perfect time to start your fitness routine

Set your fitness goals now instead of January 1. Oftentimes when we set an official start date that is as monumental as New Year's Day, we set ourselves up to fail. Start now. Fall is a great time to get in shape.

Fall is the perfect time to get going on your fitness regime. If you get into the habit of working out now -- whatever you choose to do -- you're less likely to blow it around the holidays. If you start your new routine after the holidays you will likely allow yourself to overindulge.

One of the major perks of fall workouts? The weather. Gone are the sweat-drenched days of summer, where the best time to get an outdoor activity in is before the sunrise. Fall days provide the perfect weather, as well as backdrop, for neighborhood walks/runs, biking, hiking, you name it.

Many recreation departments start new exercise classes in the fall. Check your local parks and recreation department for any classes you might be interested in, from Zumba to group hiking to boot camp sessions in a local park.

Fall means no more reruns! Many of our favorite TV shows return in the fall. Turn your TV-viewing time into workout time by dragging the treadmill or weights into the den. Just because you're watching TV doesn't mean you have to do it sitting on the couch.

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