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Cocktails Make You Pretty?

What if we told you that a cocktail or two can make you pretty? You wouldn't believe it would you? But it may be true, a study in France found that after consuming (or thinking you are consuming) a martini or two, may make you feel prettier.  Don't drink?  That' ok...just think you have consumed alchohol.  Sounds crazy? IT IS!

So how was this study conducted? Interestingly enough, volunteers were split into two groups, alchoholic drinks and non-alchoholic drinks. Results were "those who believed they consumed alcohol, graded themselves as being more attractive than those who believed they did not consume alcohol."

What we think?

We think that a drink, by no means, is a new makeover or beauty trend, but we do believe that it's all about confidence.  Typically, people become more relaxed after their first cocktail, so it makes sense that one's confidence will experience a boost, however, we definitely wouldn't abide by this beauty trend.

Would you?

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