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Christian Louboutin Enters Beauty

From red soled shoes to red lipped sticks, Christian Louboutin has announced a launch in beauty products and it’s slated to hit stores in 2013. The fact that Christian Louboutin is entering beauty is a huge deal, the company will be called, Christian Louboutin Beauté.


These products will not just be thrown out there until they are perfectly and precisely ready. Louboutin is a no-mess around type of guy and is quite the perfectionist, unless the products meet the designers exacting standards, those products won’t be out, not matter what the approximate date is launch.


“Very constructed, quite different and unexpected,” Louboutin teased in an exclusive interview, skirting questions about specific categories he is plotting.

No matter what it may be up his sleeve, we know it’s big and its luxurious and unconditionally clever.


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