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Chicago Will Have It's Own Fragrance

We've heard of a fragrances giving tribute to a city, like Sarah Jessica Parker's NYC, or DKNY's Be Delicious Heart NYC, but more recently in perfume news, the windy city of Chicago will be getting it's own fragrance!

Tru Blooms Chicago First Harvest, a project linking several communities, will launch a limited edition eau de parfum this coming October.  Tru Fragrance made a plan to find ingredients indigenous to Chicago so that the ingredients in the parfum are locally grown.

Roses, lavender and violets were selected as notes for the perfume, which was concocted by Ungerer & Co. The scent will be available in 15-ml., 50-ml. and 100-ml. sizes. 

Monte Henige of Tru Fragrance noted that the city list could expand. “We’ve gotten inquiries from other cities,” he said to WWD. “You train and employ 100 people to plant gardens, they get paid and you beautify a city.”

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