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Bvlgari have been pedaling their eye-popping jewels for almost 130 years, but their first foray into fine fragrance in the early-mid 90's, is relatively recent by comparison. Their debut feminine scent Bvlgari Femme stepped onto the world stage in 1994, and was an instant hit. Since then, it has sparked a number of flanking perfumes, one of which is the very pretty Voile de Jasmin, a limited edition from 2006.


Voile de Jasmin (Jasmine Veil) is every bit as delicate and sheer as it sounds. A floral scent in every sense, Voile de Jasmin has used facets of Bvlgari Femme as its basic building blocks, but has been transformed into something more airy and diaphanous. It opens with sunny mimosa, but the starring role goes to its pretty florets of Jasmine Sambac that the perfume is steeped in. It feels luminous and yet powdery in equal measure. Its appeal perhaps lies in the very fact that it remains weightless and gauzy, but still manages to blanket the skin like an ivory cashmere blanket.


Voile de Jasmin is a beautiful, tender rendering of femininity in all its forms. Unassuming and restrained, it can be worn every day, or relished on special occasions.

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