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A Breathe of Fresh Air: Oxygene perfume by Lanvin

Design House: Lanvin

Year Introduced: 2000

Fragrance Notes:a soft floral blend of iris and gardenia, with notes of white musk and sandalwood.

Recommended Use: Daytime


An 'oldy' but a goody, Oxygene perfume by Lanvin is a long lasting, crisp, fresh scent that you won't ever want to run out of, be sure to stock up on this one! The refreshing scent truly is a breathe of fresh air, a scent that I hope Lanvin will never discontinue.  It may be hard to find, but once you get your hands on Oxygene, you'll know it was well worth it. Automatically feel sexy, just by wearing it...this perfume is definitely one of the best perfumes I've ever smelled, and is ideal for anytime, anywhere! Breathe in deep, Oxygene by Lanvin is a scent you should not wait to try!

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