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Bizarre Beauty: The Artful Brow

Fragrance and fashion go hand and hand, and when we see some bizarre beauty happening on the runways, we can't help but exploit it.  Bizarre beauty for this week, get the grind on the artful brow, you know, the beaded, bedazzled, bleached, bushy brow.  One of the most well known looks is the Chanel pearl and beaded eyebrow look from Fall 2012. The creative director who was behind that mastermind got everyone talking this past fashion week, but with anything coutoure, most likely, it will never make it's way on to the streets. Would you wear such a thing?

Bleached brows are another hot topic, from the look at Gucci's Fall 2012 show to Lara Stone's bleached brows, the trend is showing through on lots of runway shows but again, not a look we'd try at home.

Bushy brows aren't as bizarre, but the unkempt, natural look is an absolute beauty trend we would try, unlike the bleached or beadazzled looks.

How far would you go when getting playful with the artful brow?

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