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The Balenciaga brand is a company that has existed since 1918. Best known for their fashions and handbags, Balenciaga have a vast back-catalogue of perfumes launched over the decades to stay on-trend with their collections. 2010 saw the launch of their highly successful “Balenciaga Paris” scent, and L'Essence closely followed in 2011.


L'Essence is a floral / green fragrance, which can be easily determined from the soft, verdant hue of the flacon. A captivating perfume for women, L'Essence feels somewhat innocent, but there is a slightly wanton aspect present as well. The scent has a primary focus is on violets and violet leaves... it's opening accords are both green, semi-saccharine  and powdery... it hangs like a cashmere-soft mantle around the body. Heart notes of vetiver and leafy greens dance over sultry, earthier facets of patchouli, sandalwood and cedar. This scent strikes a delicate balance between feminine florals and more masculine woods.


Balenciaga L'Essence may be the younger sibling of Balenciaga Paris, but she is less conservative... she's flirtatious and prepossessing.

A scent to be worn with purpose.

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