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The Avengers has a COLOGNE

What if we told you, you can smell like your favorite super hero? Talk about perfect timing, with the Avengers out this year, the cologne and perfume company, JADS lets you with their 'Spring 2012 Cologne Set for Marvel's The Avengers', featuring four heroic fragrances and three other scents, available seperately, these fragrances are packed with punch.

Included in the pack, you can choose from Patriot cologne, Mark VII cologne, Worthy cologne, or SMASH! Not into those super power inspired scents? Maybe Black Widow perfume, Infinity Formula cologne, or Mischief cologne suits you best.

Each fragrance has a different super hero inspiration and is made to compliment the range of emotions the characters portray.
Can you see yourself or someone you know wearing these new scents?  

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