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Launched in 2012, Opus VI is the sixth in a series of Library Collection scents created by Omani perfume outfit, Amouage. Known for their use of exquisite raw materials, Opus VI serves as proof positive that Amouage have spared no expense in producing this collection. A Spicy Oriental focusing on amber and incense, Opus VI takes you on a journey into the fragrant medinas and soukhs of the Near East.


Fragrant Omani frankincense and dry green laurel (bay leaf) dominate the opening and there is a prickle of warmth furnished by sichuan pepper in the topnotes.

An earthy / resinous heart of patchouli and sappy cypress twirl over striking ambers, labdanum and precious sandalwood. The projection and longevity of this perfume is titanic – a tiny amount goes a long way, enveloping the wearer in a cashmere cloud of ambers and incense. The overall feeling is dense, luxurious and mysterious... an olfactory abaya of great beauty.

Opus VI can be enjoyed by both men and women and is perhaps best suited for special occasions and eveningwear. Yet another treasure from the vast Arabian peninsula.



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